Still Interested


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Still Interested

Dear GZ Advisor,
This guy told me he liked me 3 months ago and I realized I liked him too. I want to tell him but I'm not sure if he still likes me. I have to admit it has been a long time. I need advice fast!!!
signed Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

Three months may feel like a long time, but it's likely that the qualities that attracted this guy to you then are still appealing to him now. Why waste more time and emotional energy wondering how he feels about you?

Instead, tell him how you feel about him.

Spend time by yourself practicing what you'll say, and then figure out a good time to talk to him. You could call him or approach him at school (preferably when he's not surrounded by his buddies!). You might start the conversation by admitting why you waited to tell him about your feelings.

Let him know that you're interested in getting to know him better if he's still interested in you. He'll probably appreciate your honesty.

Good luck! the GZ Advisor