Planetary Pitfalls - Who Do You Butt Heads With?


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Planetary Pitfalls - Who Do You Butt Heads With?

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What makes you act the way you do?

By Cinse Bonino

Why DO you act the way you do? What makes you butt heads with certain people and not with others? How are you different than your friends? How are you the same? What makes you - YOU?

There are many ways to explore why you act the way you do. People for centuries have been consulting all kinds of signs to learn more about who they are. Don't be fooled. You CAN learn a lot about yourself from these ancient systems, but ultimately YOU get to decide who you are. How? By each choice that you make. Our lives are the stories of the choices we have made. The best part is that every minute gives us the opportunity to make a new choice NO MATTER what choices we've made in the past or what any system has to say about us.

I prefer to believe that different systems such as astrology, Chinese horoscopes, numerology, and palm reading tell us our tendencies, but that WE determine our realities. Your future may be written in the stars, but you can rewrite it if you have the courage and the determination.

So should you ignore these systems? No way. I think they are good tools for learning more about ourselves. If you are a Taurus you're definitely not exactly like any other Taurus because you are YOU, but you probably are very similar to other Taurus girls in many ways.

How can it help you to learn about those similarities?

If you understand your tendencies, those things you are most likely to feel and to do, you can learn to stress the positive ones and to be on the lookout for the negative ones.

If a girl is a Taurus, she probably loves luxury and has a temper. She could get into huge debt buying things she can't afford, but if she understands how important quality and beauty are to her, she can make sure that she takes the time to find the best, most beautiful version of whatever she wants to have. She can also make sure that she can afford it. She can buy less, but buy the best. This could work well for her. She would satisfy who she is without letting her tendencies harm her.

And her temper? Well...she could teach herself to pause before she reacts, to give herself some thinking time first. Her temper could become a powerful ally when she finds herself in a situation where she is asked to compromise her standards or beliefs. An angry bull is a powerful source to reckon with. She could channel her anger into amazing debating skills. Most important of all, if she knows her anger is there, it can't sneak up on her.

Click on your astrological sign to find out how you can use your negative tendencies to make better choices in your life. (Psst! Don't be greedy, Taurus, we already did you!).

Next time you have a sleepover with your friends, explore what ancient systems have to say about you. While you're at it, ask each other if you're really like the astrological or Chinese horoscope profiles. Read each other 's palms and do some first and last name numerology - then decide what you are going to do with your life in spite of or because of what you find out. Help each other to celebrate your positive traits and to use your negative tendencies to create the lives you want.

Arm yourself with as much information and support as you can. Listen to what other people have to say about you and to you. Check out any ancient system that interests you. But remember, you ARE the mistress of your own destiny.

Impatient & Hate Restrictions
You can learn to become a wonderful planner. Use your impatience to start analyzing and understanding a situation before it happens so that people in authority and power find themselves agreeing to things they never thought they would allow!

Superficial & Inconsistent
Use your love of trying many, many things to discover your true passions. Then BE inconsistent with your previous behavior and go DEEP into those things that DO interest you!

Moody & Worrier
Put all that worrying energy towards a good purpose - make a plan for helping an organization that supports a cause you really care about. Use all of your emotion to get involved. Take the focus off of worrying about something that isn't real and do some good with your abilities!

A Bully & Arrogant
Turn your tendency to be stuck-up and bossy into the ability to be a strong leader who is filled with self-confidence. You CAN do this!

Faultfinding & Insecure
You can be VERY compassionate. Use your insecurity to humbly help those who need you - you'll start to feel confident in your ability to be a good friend.

Wishy-Washy & Lazy
You have the hidden ability to not let anything feel like the end of the world. Use this talent to help you choose which things ARE important to you!

Jealous & Vengeful
Turn jealousy into loyalty. Realize that all that energy you want to use to get even can be used to make your dreams come true.

Blunt & Irresponsible
Being blunt CAN be good. Learn to tell the truth in a way that makes situations better not worse. You can use your bluntness as a lesson in being responsible for the words that come out of your mouth!

Depressed & Ambitious
Pull yourself out of depression by using your ambition to set realistic goals for yourself. Capricorns KNOW how to make things happen!

Detached & Shocking
You don't have to hide or be outrageous to get attention. Use your feelings of detachment from others as refueling times and your tendency to be outrageous as the courage for putting your refueled plans into action.

Over-Sensitive & Need to Escape
Your over-sensitivity can help you to truly focus on what's going on around you. Once you do, you can choose which things (and people) you DO want in your life.