Memorizing My Lines


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Memorizing My Lines

Dear GZ Advisor - I'm going to be in this play in a couple weeks and I have the biggest part of all the students. (Adults are doing it too.) I'm wondering if you have any tips for memorizing my lines.  Kara

Dear Kara,

First of all, congratulations on your large role! There are several memorizing tips that should help you in the show.  One basic thing is reviewing it nightly, constantly refreshing it and going over it on a regular basis will accustom your brain to knowing the material inside and out.  Reviewing with someone else is also a great tool… have a family member or friend read the other lines with you so you can practice not looking at the book, sort of like reviewing for a quiz in school. Something that I personally do when preparing for a performance is saying all of the lines I have in a scene in chronological order to myself over and over, so they’re engraved in my mind and I’m comfortable with them. The last tip I have is writing or typing them out from memory.  Writing something out is a great step to remembering it. Break a leg in your performances!


GZ Advisor