I Hate My Body


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I Hate My Body

GZ Advisor,

I'm a 16 year old girl. I just went into my 11th std (i.e high school) right now. I was a confident, carefree girl with many friends who all loved me. I was good at studies and had a good impression with my elders.
All of a sudden, in high school the environment has COMPLETELY changed and i am left behind! EVERY girl i know is having a boyfriend!
Even though i believe that high school romances are not true, i'am suddenly feeling SO left out, and insecure and unloved! :(
I'm a healthy girl, not stick - thin, but now a days i'm feeling simply awful about my body, i'am hating my body and i constantly feel thats its because of my body that i still don't have a boyfriend! :(
Moreover, all my old friends are in different classes now, and though i have tried to make new friends, i have only few new friends, and all of them are like, COMPLETELY different from me, and i'm finding it hard to adjust to this too!
All this is causing me to become irritable with my family, and i'm venting out all my frustration on them :(
PLEASEEE do help me with this situation, i would really appreciate it, because i'am sooo confused and frustrated! :( Thanks in advance! :)


Hi Keerthana,

Thank you so much for writing because there are sooo many girls (and women) out there who look in the mirror and sadly don't like what they see. It sounds to me like you are feeling left out by your friends and overlooked by the boys and you automatically assume it's because of your body. I can tell you my advice from personal experience because I used to think the same exact thing when I was your age. I always thought if I had the cutest clothes and the perfect hair that some boy would notice me, so I spent alot of time obsessing about my appearance and beating myself up with negative thoughts like "I'm so ugly or fat." Guess what? All this did was make me insecure and not a fun person to be around. As I looked around, the girls that had fun, confident personalities, great senses of humor, and who were involvied in school activities and sports were attracting the boys. So, rediscover that girl you once used to be. What are your talents and good qualities? Sounds to me like you have many. Focus on the positive things in your life and you will attract more great things. High school is a perfect time to figure out who YOU are and what you're passionate about. Having a boy by your side does not define you. And trust me, boys bring alot of drama, so enjoy being single for awhile longer. You'll get a BF soon enough, I promise. Why not find a way to get active doing something you enjoy, such as soccer, pilates, dodgeball, bowling, dance etc. and get moving! Invite some of your friends to join you. I have one last thing I want you to do. Find a mirror, look straight into and repeat, "I am beautiful just the way I am." 

GZ Advisor