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Dear GZ Advisor,

Hey, so I hook up with ALOT of guys but they just use me for my body and theres never anything romantic. Like, in the past month I've hooked up with 3 different guys but they've never asked me out or anything and weve never even gone on dates. I haven't had a boyfriend for a year and I want something more then just physical. How do I get a guy to want me/treat me like Im worth more then just my body?

From Jessica,

Dear Jessica,
The first step is to convince YOURSELF that you are worth more than just your body. Although you may be viewed as "hot" and you know you are good looking, I'm sure you are a great person and have other attributes to offer. Try and remember those, and associate yourself with those qualities
instead of your looks.

A guy will respect you the amount that you respect yourself. If a guy sees you as someone that will just offer a hookup or something physical, he won't even think about a relationship. A lot of High School guys aren't going to want to commit to a relationship if they can get physical pleasure and then bolt.

It comes down to really how you carry yourself and treat yourself. Guys will treat you the way that you treat yourself. A really good tip is that if a guy asks you to "hang out" do something that involves walking around, doing something other than hooking up, or just talking. This could involve lunch, shopping, playing a sport, going to a sport game, bowling, a group date, something like that. I
wouldn't recommend doing something like a movie or an intimate thing with the two of you or that could give the wrong idea about your intentions and desires.

Try to make what you want known and out there for him. Make it clear from the beginning that you are looking for something serious, someone to date, not just be with once. You have to let him know that, so that he knows what he's getting himself into.
I hope this works out for you! Remember that you are worth so much more than whats on the outside

GZ Advisor