Helium Healing or More Shopping?


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Helium Healing or More Shopping?

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By C.J. Golden

You know how it is, the stores are always competing for your attention. “C’mon in and buy new clothes, shoes, notebooks, pens, laptops and cellphones and you’ll be all set for the new year,” they shout in 72 inch font on the flyers stuck in the middle of your daily newspaper. All you need for happiness and success is to purchase these items and you’re all set.

Well, maybe. But only if your old clothes, shoes, notebooks, pens, laptops and cellphones are defective or lacking in their ability to perform at their optimum levels. If everything is cranking away nicely why get anything new? Certainly doing so would be a phenomenal waste of time, energy and money.

The same is true for you, too. Are you doing all the things necessary to perform at your optimum level? Are you prepared to work your way through the coming school year giving it all you have by way of time and effort? Will you find that important balance between social activities, sports, after-school jobs and classwork? Do you have the ambition necessary to attend all of your classes, learn all that is handed to you, complete your assignments and get the best grades you are capable of achieving? 

If you’re sitting there, reading my words, enthusiastically nodding your head and responding, “Yes, yes, I’m all set!” well, that’s great! You’re done. You don’t have to read any more of this article. Go have yourself one heck of a great school year.

If, however, you have read my words and are slowly shaking your head from side to side with a “What, are you kidding?” attitude, well, then I think we need to explore this topic a bit more.

Obviously something that you are bringing to the new school year is not working correctly and it’s probably not your clothing or electronic equipment. Now’s the time to take stock – no of of your wardrobe – but of your mind-set. Now’s the time to decide just what it is that you want to get out of the next nine months of your life. 

I often do an exercise with my workshop groups where we draw pictures of ourselves five years down the road. Where do we expect to be? What do we hope to have achieved? Just what is it that we see for ourselves as we go down our unique paths into our futures?

This is the exercise I’d like you to consider doing now. Sit down for a few quiet minutes and decide just what it is you’d like to get out of this life of yours. Aim high and wide and reach for the stars. No, you might not get to those stars, but you certainly have no chance if you don’t try. 

And now take a good look within yourself and find out just what it is that might keep you from obtaining your goal, for it is most often our own hang-ups that hold us back, rather than someone or something else. Just like the clothes that might be tattered, so, too, can our self-confidence become frayed if we’re not given enough encouragement and don’t know where to turn to find it. And as our electronic equipment may become sluggish and bogged down with viruses, so, too, can our minds become bogged down with negative feelings and destructive beliefs. 

These things are what are keeping you from being ready to tackle the new school year with a positive attitude and enthusiasm: not your clothes and cellphone. A new wardrobe isn’t the answer, nor are an iPhone or Droid.

So save your money, please. Spend time on yourself. Let go of the negative thoughts holding you back. Whatever hurtful thoughts and attitudes you have, please grab a hold of them; find yourself a big helium balloon and magic marker, write that destructive thought on the side of the balloon and let it fly into the heavens. 

Not great for the environment, I know, but oh, so good for you. Watch your negativity fly away and you face the new school year with a newly found positive outlook. 

C.J. Golden, author of TAO OF THE DEFIANT WOMAN, and the award winning TAO-GIRLS RULE! is a motivational speaker who travels the country inspiring all with her dynamic spirit and vision as she helps others explore their unique journeys through life.  

She is an increasingly important voice in the field of women’s studies as her message resonates with women and girls everywhere.

Visit CJ and learn more about her work as well as connect with other Tao-Girls and Tao and defiant women at www.taogirl.com