Gift for BF


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Gift for BF

Dear GZ Advisor,
I have a BF who gave me a really nice present for Christmas. I feel bad because I didn't get him anything good at all. What should I do? I feel that even if I give him a good present later, it will be too late, and he'll feel like I'm taking him for granted, which I'm not. HELP!!
Signed, Rachel

Dear Rachel,
It's understandable that you're feeling bad about the unequal gifts between you and your BF. Giving (and receiving) presents isn't as easy as people might think!

You're right to realize that giving your bf another gift isn't the solution.

One suggestion is to send him a thank you card letting him know how much you appreciated his gift and how much you care about him. You may even want to do a handmade card so you put more of yourself into it. People love to get mail, and I'm sure your BF is no exception!

Good luck! GZ Advisor