Flower Power - Sixties Style


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Flower Power - Sixties Style

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Bell-bottoms, big flowers, hippies and all that Sixties stuff...

By Cinse Bonino

There's an old song by the Mamas and the Papas that goes... If you go to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...

Flower Power
The term flower power was used a lot in the Sixties. It was all about peace instead of war and love instead of hate. Maybe you've seen the famous photos of anti-war hippies sticking flowers into the barrels of soldiers' guns. Maybe you've seen VW campers with huge flower decals all over them (called hippie buses). You can still spot those campers and other vans cruising around the country -- some of them with old hippies that were young in the Sixties and some with a new age Nineties version of hippie!

Music The Sixties generated an enormous amount of music. Lots of rock & roll, lots of anti-war and political songs. Even if you weren't alive in the Sixties, you've probably heard of Woodstock. Teens back then used to follow bands like The Grateful Dead. Teens today still follow musicians around the country.  Who would you follow?

The Look...

The hippie stereotype is of a girl or a guy, with long stringy, often dirty hair (a beard for the guy), wearing bell bottoms and Indian print or tie dyed shirts or shirts with mirrors, flowers, or slogans. Sometimes the girls wore long gypsy-style skirts or gauzy dresses and the guys wore robes and headbands . Sandals or no shoes were the norm -- often with dirty feet. It's hard to bathe when you're travelin' around the country! Beads, bells, peace symbols, and little dark sunglasses completed the look.

You CAN be clean and still have a Sixties look!

While it IS true that SOME kids that follow musicians around the country have a hippie-like look that includes being dirty, you can also see very cool looking girls wearing bell-bottoms or Indian print dresses or skirts as part of what they usually wear. That's the trick -- to take the items from the Sixties that you like and wear as few or as many as you'd like.

You can pair bell-bottoms with a very Nineties polyester, short cropped shirt or go for it and add a mirrored Indian cotton Tee! You can paint huge hippie-like flowers on your favorite pair of jeans and capture the feel of the Sixties without going overboard. OR you can deck yourself out in the total look -- with CLEAN feet of course!

Other Sixties Contributions
Incense, questioning the status quo understanding that war is harmful for children and other living things, and not judging a person by the way they dress, by the color of their skin, or by the religion they choose to follow ALL came out of the Sixties. I think we can forgive the dirty feet, don't you?