Cyber Bullying


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Cyber Bullying

Dear GZ Advisor,
lately i have been cyber bullied by a girl in my grade. she calls me bad words and makes fun of me on public web. One time she posted on Gmail Buzz, "if you hate Ruby comment on this post" and i was furious. it was then when i told my mom but nothing has been accomplished. PLEASE help me! Thanks so much!  Ruby

Dear Ruby,

Cyber Bullying is NOT okay, and I'm glad you talked to your mom about it.  Once you have reported it to someone, if it continues to happen and like you said "nothing gets accomplished" then you should revisit it.  Remind your mom of how hurt you were by it and how the issue has not resolved and is still hurting you, hopefully that will push her to take the action you need.  If something like this happens during the school year, in addition to talking to your mom about it you should talk to a school official, such as a teacher you feel comfortable with or your guidance counselor, both will certainly help.

And keep in mind that a lot of immature people mock others over the internet because they are insecure and would never say something like that to your face.  Just keep your head held high and try not to look at it or let it get to you - that's exactly what they want.

You can get through this!
Sincerely, GZ Advisor