Crush on My Brother's Friend


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Crush on My Brother's Friend

GZ Advisor,
Would it be wrong if i dated my brothers friend/friends.  My brother and I are very close and I wanted to hear your thoughts.  Deantre

Dear Deantre,

Dating a sibling’s friend is always tough.  You’ve done the right thing so far – asking your brother if he would mind.  If he really says no, then take that answer, but tread with caution.  Be sure not to sneak around and let him know which friend you are dating, but balance that with not rubbing it in his face.  Although he may be okay with it, he probably doesn’t want a constant reminder in case there’s any part of him that is uncomfortable with it.  Just be careful and be aware of his feelings – but if you asked, and he gives you the okay then that’s good!

GZ Advisor