Crush On BFF's Brother


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Crush On BFF's Brother

Dear GZ Advisor,

Well I like my best friends brother who is my brothers best friend. He looks at me sometimes but sometimes its like I don't exist... I try to see him a recess and get him to notice me but I can't! I'm 12 haha and he's 13... I really like him some people say he's really nice and funny but I havent got the chance to know him! He would only talk to his friends or his sister! And my brother,who is his best friend, hates me because im nice to a girl his whole grade hates for being a 'tramp' and maybe my brother will ruin things but my brother talks about the boy I like to me... So idk!!! At times I see the boy i like looking at me but I don't know if he likes me! He does date older (8th graders) but I have this feeling he might like me. I always tend to think the guy I like likes me but these signs can't really be ignored by me... Ive liked him for 3 months ! So what I'm asking is how do I get his attention? And how do I know if he likes me if I barely see him only trading classes lunch and recess!!!
Desperate !!!  Smurflover



You seem pretty worked up about this whole situation. So, first I'm going to advise you to take a deep breath. :) I know we can feel very emotional when we have a crush, but remember he's JUST A BOY. So, try talking to him like you would to a random guy from your class that doesn't give you butterflies. Be yourself and start a convo about school, sports, video games..anything. Try to get to know him better and you'll figure out if he likes you as more than a friend. Your best friend might be able to give you some insight, too.

ps Make sure to check with your BFF that she's okay with it, too! :)

GZ Advisor