CAN Soda!


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CAN Soda!

Is it time for girls to CAN soda?

There's nothing better on a hot day or when you're really thirsty than a tall glass filled with ice and your favorite cola. Sure, sure, there's a little sugar in it, but maybe yours is sugar free. And yeah, yeah, there's probably some caffeine in there too, but maybe yours is also the decaf kind, but guess what? It could STILL be bad for you! How?

Believe it or not, drinking soda supposedly makes you more susceptible to broken bones!

Who says so? A study done at Harvard. As reported by The Associated Press, the study speculates that when girls spend their time drinking soda, they spend less time drinking milk AND that a chemical found in colas, called phosphoric acid, may actually weaken bones.

The study concluded that the risk of broken bones was three times greater for girls who drank carbonated beverages in general and five times greater for active girls who drank colas.

In general, people are starting to worry that everyone is drinkig too much soda and therefore not getting enough calcium.

What should YOU do?

You could cut down on soda if you drink a lot, but... it's probably even MORE important and a LOT smarter to simply make sure that you get enough calcium either from milk or from other sources. Keep those bones strong, Girl!