Breaking Up


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Breaking Up

Dear GZ Advisor,

My boyfriend andI started dating last year around Feb, we had a great relationship for about 7 months, then i found out that he had been double dating me for a while so we broke up. His other relationship didn't last long, he brokeup with her within a month and then came back to me. I had accepted him back, then again we dated for a while and he left after about two months and started dating this other junior in school. While dating her, since last month, he had been inboxing me and texting me that he's still in love with me. He even brokeup with her and I decided to give him one more chance, but then we brokeup within a few days. I feel horrible about the breakup because i'm still not over him, but i'm scared of being hurt again. What should I do?  Rihanna

Oh Rihanna,

I was getting confused just reading this about all the times you and this guy have broken up and gotten back together! That's not even what really disturbs me though. It's the fact that he has been "double dating" as you call it. He obviously cares about you, but it seems like he is not ready to be exclusive with anyone, not even you. Trust me, I know how painful that is to accept, but you have to in order to stop causing yourself pain.

Remember actions speak louder than words. He may say he loves you, but his actions are not being respectful to you. YOU DESERVE SOMEONE WHO TREATS YOU BETTER. Mending a broken heart is the worst, but friends, fam, and doing things you enjoy will help you get through it. I promise you will get over this and when you do, you will be stronger, more confident and will have a better idea of what you want in your next relationship. Wish you the best girl!

GZ Advisor