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Dear Ms. KnowBody:
I was just wondering when I should get a bra or if I even need to have a bra. My mom has tried talking about it with me, but I get too embarrassed. I am 13 and all of my friends have bras. I feel that I should get one too, but I hate talking about it with my mom. What should I do?

Confused Chick

Dear Confused Chick:
The way I see it, there are two questions you should ask yourself: Do you need a bra or do you want one? Technically, you don’t NEED a bra like you need to breath, eat, and sleep. But there are a few good reasons to consider getting one:

  • Comfort – do your breasts feel uncomfortable or painful without a bra? Does it hurt when you play sports or run around? If you answered yes to these questions then a bra could help to make you feel more comfortable because it holds the breasts in place when you’re active.
  • Fashion: Since most trendy t-shirts are designed to fit snug, the curves of your body will be visible, and that includes your breasts. A bra can keep your breasts from jiggling, give you cleavage, and padded bras can make your breasts look bigger than they really are.
  • Unwanted attention: Let’s face it – breasts, especially nipples, are guy magnets. Most guys can’t help but peek at a woman’s chest, so if your breasts are growing and you wear a tight t-shirt without a bra underneath, then you may have some boys at school staring at your chest. You can’t stop them from looking at your body (and you may not want to) but wearing a bra will help to stop your nipples from sticking out of your shirt, and that may make you feel more comfortable.

A lot of girls are embarrassed about talking to their mothers about breasts, bras, and all the other stuff that goes along with puberty. One important thing to remember is that your mom went through the exact same thing when she was your age, and that she will understand what you’re going through.

It sounds like your mom wants to help you, and if you decide to get a bra, she can help you find the right one that fits well and feels comfortable.

Ms. KnowBody


Big boobs

This year I will be a 1st year highschool student. But my boobs is big for my age and grade. Especially here in our country, having big boobs is very rare. Because even right now, some of my classmates doesn't have any breast sizes 32A and above. They are just wearing sando bra, while me and my best friend are already wearing a bra. I unexpectedly knew, just these past few days that I have a 34A breast size! That is so embarrasing! And I don't think that it is normal to have a white thing coming out of your boobs. I've already search for it, its just I'm have too much of that hormone. What should I do to stop my boobs from getting bigger?