Boyfriend - What Age


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Boyfriend - What Age

GZ Advisor,

I am so very confused about a boy i'm interested in. For starters he's 18 and we spend a lot of time together, though i am only 16. My mom thinks i'm not mentally compatible with this boy, when in fact he's less mature than i am. She told me we shouldn't communicate but she doesn't know how much we are binded. what should i do?   Ariana

Dear Ariana,

Talking with your mom and trying to explain to her how close you are with this boy, and how much it would hurt to end things, is the first step in getting her to understand.  How will she know if you don’t explain it?  You could also introduce the two of them, invite him over for a family dinner or game night or something of the sort to get them acquainted.  The more she gets to know him, the more likely she’ll be to approve of him and witness the closeness and mental compatibility you two have, and then let your relationship continue. 

 Sincerely, GZ Advisor


How old do you think a girl can be ready to have a boyfriend?? HELP HELP HELP Meme

Dear Meme,

Having a boyfriend is all about when you're ready!  There's no specific age when you have to start, or should start, when you find someone that you're interested in and they're interested in you, and you feel old enough and ready enough to pursue a relationship then you are probably ready to have a boyfriend.  The only thing not to do is start dating or get a boyfriend that you don't really like or talk to, just because everyone else is dating.  Everyone goes at their own pace! It's about your pace, and finding someone you're genuinely interested in.

Sincerely, GZ Advisor