Are You A Star Crossed Lover?


Are You A Star Crossed Lover?

Who is your perfect date?

By Gloria Stone

A guy says to you, "I'm a Leo. What's your sign?" He's not only trying to start a conversation; he's also trying to find out if you have similar likes and dislikes. Your horoscope is like a painting of who you are. Your Sun sign shows the general shape of your personality. It can tell other people if you make friends easily, if you are quiet and introspective, easy going, or high-strung. All of these things can help determine what kind of relationship you and another person will have - long lasting or as short as a summer fling.
Everyone knows that water puts fire out.

Soon after the initial "Hello, my name is so-and so," a fire sign girl will get gallons of water dumped on her by that loving, sensitive water sign guy. Then he'll be gone, and you guessed it, never return! So watch out for water guys if you are an Aries, Leo or Sag, otherwise you'll spend hours talking to your best friend trying to figure our what happened.

Everyone is fascinating to study when we meet them because they are still a total mystery. At first we only see the color of their hair or eyes, the way they dress, and whether they are tall, short, heavy or thin. Most of us are attracted by our opposites, but it's an attraction that rarely lasts very long. Our differences get totally in the way and after a while, sweet, cute, adorable Jason with the oh-so-cute buns, drives us crazy with his neatness or messiness. Many of us also make the mistake of believing that every wonderful he or she we meet is our soul mate and that we are destined to spend eternity together like Romeo and Juliet. Do you remember what happened to them?
Smart girls understand that we MUST know and love ourselves before we can even begin to know or love another human being.

It is NOT selfish to believe that YOU are the most important person in your life. You have to be happy with who you are. YOU are the one person you can be sure will never run off and leave you, so each morning when you look in that mirror, work at really liking the girl who stares back at you.

Now answer the questions on the next page from your heart and find out if your ever-lovin' is the right one for you or if should you move on and look for another date for the prom!

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