Animal Dreams


Dreams are mysterious, fun, interesting and sometimes even scary. Where do they come from? Why are our dreams so strange and weird? What do they mean?

Animal Dreams

By Jean Wiley

Crocodile Dream
Dear Jean,
"Last night I dreamed that a big crocodile was biting my father. The creature was in our house and all of my family members ran upstairs. My father was trying to avoid the crocodile by using a big stick. He was fighting the crocodile with a big stick and he did end up getting away". My father is currently suffering from a stroke. He is in the hospital and in a very serious condition. Thank you for answering my dream.

Dear Saminda,
Thank you for forwarding your dream. I am very sorry to hear of your father's poor health. This must be a difficult time for you and your dream is certainly reflecting that. Crocodiles are carnivorous and potentially ruthless animals. The crocodile in your dream may be representing the "jaws of death", indicating your fear of losing your father. Fighting off the crocodile represents your father trying to fight for his physical well being. Your dream ends on a positive note. The fact that your father does get away indicates your desire that he recovers and/or that you are being reassured through your dream that he will in fact, recover from his current physical condition. I wish you peace of mind and strength through this difficult time Saminda.

The Yellow Butterfly
Dear Jean,
I had an unpleasant break-up with my boyfriend a few months ago and I am just starting to date someone new. I had this dream last week. "I am walking through the woods and a very large black butterfly keeps swooping toward my head. At one point it messes up my hair. As I walk further, I come across a beautiful stream. The butterfly (I think it is the same one) comes flying along again only this time it is a beautiful yellow color. If flutters and hovers right in front of me".

Dear Elissa,
Thank you for forwarding your dream. Butterflies often represent transformation and new beginnings. The color black can indicate something in your life that is fearful or unpleasant. Perhaps your old boyfriend was mentally upsetting you (messes up my hair)? In moving forward in your life (walking further), it appears you have met someone quite nice that is making you feel happy and content. The color yellow often reflects a feeling of well being and happiness. Rather than attacking and upsetting you as the black butterfly did, the yellow butterfly is indicating a positive change (transformation) in your personal life that has brought about happiness. Good for you! Wishing you a week full of "sweet dreams".