Am I A Brat?


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Am I A Brat?

Dear GZ Advisor,

I am 13 years old and have two siblings. An older sister and a younger brother. My problem is, they have both inherited my dad's smarts and talents. They can do everything I can do, but better. I've tried finding my own hobbies; I LOVE to play the piano. Piano is the only thing I am good at. But my sister heard how good I was and started playing, too. She is A LOT better than I am. It makes me sad because the only thing that makes me feel proud of myself and good inside has just been upped by my sister. I get average grades and she aces tests every time. She is popular, I am not. I am happy for her for all that she does and I don't want to sound too bratty, but I am upset. I can't find anything that makes me special. I've calmly talked to my parents about this  and stated some examples, but they say it is just my imagination. Are they right? Am I just being a brat?


Hi Christine,
The last thing you are is a brat so scratch that word out of your vocabulary. For taking the time out of your day to write this email shows that you are an overachiever! You want to be the best in everything you do and although that is praiseworthy it isn't always realistic.
You must realize that in life, the only one you should be competing against is yourself. What do I mean by this? Well, your sister may be better than you when it comes to playing the piano but what does this truly mean? Does this mean she is better than you? No. Does this mean she is smarter or nicer than you? No again! As individuals we are special because we possess so many amazing qualities, gifts and talents. You can't let any one of them define you for if you do someone always has the possibility of being better in it than you. In turn, you will always be sad like you are right now! It's not fun to feel bad now is it?
If you ask me, I think a great talent of yours is writing. The email you sent was so eloquently written. It allowed me to step into your shoes and feel what you are feeling. These are the attributes of the wonderful authors whose books we read everyday. So, give yourself a break. The things that matter to you, you will not only excel in but you will be the best in. Why? Because you will let your guard down and enjoy the experience. That's what's life is all about after all!

GZ Advisor