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Dear Ms. KnowBody,
Hi. My name is Kelly and every month I usually get my period, but last month I didn't and I am starting to get really worried. I am not sexually active, and I do take care of my body. Do you know why I didn't get it? Please help me!

Your Friend,

Dear Kelly:
Girls ask me this question all the time. As you know, I couldn’t give you a diagnosis on this website, but I can give you some information about the reason why you may have missed your period.

When you first start to menstruate, your body is adjusting to the hormones and is new to the whole menstrual cycle. Your period can be irregular, meaning that some of your cycles are longer than others, and some months you don’t get your period at all. After a while though, your body will adjust and you will start to notice a regular pattern for your period.

If you were already getting regular periods every 28-31 days, and are not sexually active (meaning that you can’t be pregnant) then it may one of the following reasons:

  • Stress: Stress can make you skip a period. Your period should return when you are less stressed out.
  • Weight changes or increases in exercise: Your period can be affected when you lose or gain weight, or start to exercise a lot, like when you’re training for a sport. Once your body gets used to the new weight or exercise routine, your period will start up again. BUT, if you don’t get your period for 3-6 months, then there may be a more serious problem that you should have checked by your health care provider.
  • Hormone imbalance:There are certain medical conditions that can shift the amount of hormones in your body, and cause you to stop getting your period. Again, if you haven’t had a period for 3-6 months you may want to get a checkup.

So, keep track of your cycles, and if your period does not return for 3-6 months then you’ll need to be examined by your health care provider.

Take good care of your body, inside and out.

Ms. KnowBody



Dear Ms. KnowBody,
I've had my period non-stop for one month and seven days. Is this normal? My mom passed away just recently, and my dad is not the guy to talk to about this stuff, and I have no sisters or brothers. Should I talk to someone about it?
from Katie

Dear Katie:
Losing your mother is devastating, especially when you are a teen girl. I am so sorry!

Every girl's cycle is unique, but most bleed for about 3-5 days. That is ¼ as long as you have been bleeding. There are many reasons why your cycle can get out of whack, some are straightforward and some are more complicated.

It sounds like you've been bleeding for too long, and you need to talk to a professional about your period. Since you can't talk to your dad, my advice is to pick up a phone and call your health care provider. If that doesn't sound like something you can do, get help by talking to an adult woman who you trust, like your best friend's mom, an aunt, teacher, coach, or someone at your church or synagogue.

There is a Planned Parenthood Health Center in almost every community, and many provide information and referrals to health care providers who work with girls your age. You can find one nearest to your home here.

Good Luck,
Ms. KnowBody



Dear Ms. KnowBody,

I have a crush on this boy, and I think he likes me too but I am to afraid to tell him how I feel. How should I let him know that I like him?


I need help :

ok..i have a crush on my bff's brother....i dont think he likes me...ok..umm im 12 and so is he :/ short story:
one time i stayed at my bffs house and in the morning... and what i felt was embarrassing was when my bff got up she didnt get me up :/ so she told her brother to wake me up - he came in and jumped on the bed yelling wake up!! O_O i was totally embarrased because i was in pj's and my hair was all messed up(EEEEK!!!!) i have liked him for a month maybe two and im not sure what to do.....i dont think im ready for a boyfriend yet but im not sure :/ ok to the point : how do i know if he likes me? i mean i am not good friends with any of the boys at my school :( what should i do?!?! :(
Sincerely ,
Desperate Girl