Girl Zone Challenge!


Girl Zone Challenge!

Download Girl Zone Challenge! for free at Apple, Amazon or Google Play  app stores. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Our sweepstakes has ended but you can still download the game and have fun!

Reach Goals in the Challenges  and have fun.  Challenges include everything teen girls like:  quizzes, mini-games, posting pics and comments to social media. You can have fun and learn about healthy lifestyle and your identity.  Check out the video!

We offer up 3 Challenges - Get Moving, Stir It Up, Who Am I? Each Challenge has 4 Goals that you need to complete in order to get an entry into our sweepstakes.  You can earn 3 chances to win prizes, one for each completed Challenge.        

  • Personality quizzes         
  • Test your knowledge quizzes         
  • Recipe rank and post photo         
  • Jumping mini-game - Girl jumping up climbing platforms using the phone tilt.  When she grabs a water bottle you get points         
  • Cut the rope mini-game - Girl catches food in a basket and you win points if you cut the rope the right way    
  • Photos, comments and inspirations posted to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to complete a goal.

Here are some sample screens:


  Fitness - Jumping Mini-Game  Nutrition - Cut Rope Mini-Game      Mean Girls Quiz


NOTE: The Girl Zone Challenge Sweepstakes is over - 

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