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What really ticks you off or is unjust in your world or the world at large?   Let it rip!




I hate it when I hear people misusing the word "literally!" Like "I am literally angry." Seriously?? Is there a way to be figuratively angry?? It makes me so mad, I don't know why people feel the need to use that word anyway, if you don't know what it means, don't say it. Every time Keeping Up With the Kardashians is on at my house, I hear Kim violently misuse "literally," just giving me yet another reason to hate her. :/

I think it sounds amusing,

I think it sounds amusing, but I guess it might be annoying. It's slang, it catches on... sometimes people replace practically for literally, which is annoying because sometimes it passes over my head for a second and it's just confusing

Blonde Jokes

I am blonde so when I hear blonde jokes I am just like AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know im not stupid but apperently ALL blondes are! UGH

yeah I know! I hate blonde

yeah I know! I hate blonde jokes, and i'm not even blonde, I'm brunette! In general I just hate it when people make assumptions about others just based on a physical attribute. its like, um I can't help looking like I do, so stop judging me!


It really really bugs me when someone makes plans and then cancels last minute, especially if they do it all the time. One time its no big deal, but if you flake out all the time it drives me crazy!

There, Their, and They're

I can't stand when people use the wrong "there." It's not that hard; there is for place, their is possessive, and they're is a contraction for the words they and are. If you're not sure which one to use just look it up or don't use it.

Road Rules

I am not a fan of getting cut off while I'm driving. I'm a reasonable person, if you use your blinker and give me a second I will happily let you over!

Sports fans

I am a huge hockey fan, and I get so mad when guys act like I don't know anything about sports just because I'm a girl! The worst part is that half the time I know more about hockey than those jerks, but it is pretty fun to prove them wrong :).


i just hate it when people use the word "like" 10 times in a single sentence... my mom does that more than anyone...just gets into my nerves!!

Women's Jeans

omg, so the other day I was carrying a piece of paper and I was like "oh yay, I'm wearing jeans! I can put it in my pocket!" so i tried to shove it in my pocket, when I realized THEY ARE FAKE POCKETS, MY LIFE IS A LIE. idk this is really random, but it just bothers me a lot

I need Feminism because... THIS

okay, so my school has a feminist lunch on friday. last week we were discussing this arcticle. Yes, it is an actual article from Fox News and it was written BY A WOMAN. Honestly, all of you really need to read this and then comment what you think of it.


I hate it when my friend is insulted in front of me by some useless jerk. I am an extreme fighter and I would instantly kick ass. I don't roll over and wait for it to end I snap the a-hole's neck and tell my girl he is wrong but they feel like crap later and I love them like sisters so it hurts me to.


I hate it when people say that they are your friends, but then when you need someone to talk to, no one is there. What is that all about? Any type of relationship is going to take work, but shouldn't it be reciprocated. It really sucks when you trust someone and they end up being fake.