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Dear Ms. KnowBody,
I haven't gotten my period in a couple of months. I'm a virgin so I know I'm not pregnant. Could this have anything to do with the fact that I masturbate?

Ms. KnowBody says, "It's definitely NOT because you masturbate!"

Dear Kate,
There are many reasons that could cause you to skip a period, but masturbation is NOT one of them!

Just to set the record straight, masturbation (touching your genitals for sexual pleasure) is a totally normal thing to do. In fact, most girls masturbate by the age of 21. It is completely safe, and can help you get to know your body.

It's the hormones in your girl body that regulate your period. Sexual pleasure resulting from masturbation and orgasm does not affect these hormones.

But it is natural for your body (as you have more and more periods) to work its way towards having more regularly occurring periods (about every 28 days.) Changes in your body weight, diet, exercise, stress, and, of course, pregnancy can make you miss a period.

If you are worried that there is something medically wrong with your menstrual cycle, talk to your health care provider, pediatrician or gynecologist.

Healthy regards,

Ms. KnowBody