Hair Dreams


Dreams are mysterious, fun, interesting and sometimes even scary. Where do they come from? Why are our dreams so strange and weird? What do they mean?

Hair Dreams

By Jean Wiley

Dreaming of hair represents dreaming about your state of mind.The state of your hair provides an indication of how your mental process is functioning.Tangled hair in a dream means that you are having confusing thoughts.Clean hair reflects clear thinking.Having lighter hair in a dream indicates a positive attitude and conversely, darker hair can represent a more serious and somber tone to your thoughts.


Dear Jean,
There is a guy I go to high school with and I don't know if I like him or if he likes me.I dreamed about him last night. At school I get mixed feelings, one day he flirts and the next day is just normal. "In my dream I was fussing with my hair trying to decide how to brush it. He was standing there watching me fuss with it in a loving way. He then took a brush and started brushing my hair. When he had finished he just stared into my eyes and then I woke up." I would really appreciate it if you could interpret my dream.
Best Regards,

Dear Charlene,
Thank you for forwarding your dream. There are a couple of potential messages your dream may be trying to impart. One possibility is that you would like to know how this fellow feels about you and therefore, how to respond to him "trying to decide how to brush my hair". This desire to know his feelings is reiterated in your dream He took the brush and started brushing my hair. Brushing someone's hair indicates straightening out this person's thoughts. The other possibility is that this is a precognitive dream - a dream that makes you aware of something that seemingly happens in the future. In this instance, your dream may be telling you that he will make his feelings for you known sometime in the future. He may be trying to figure out how you feel about him, he is standing there watching me fuss with my hairand is aware of your hesitation and/or uncertainty. Whatever the outcome, I wish for you a clear and peaceful state of mind.


Dear Jean,
I dreamed about my Mother, she passed away when I was young. This dream felt so real! I was rushing around and driving too fast. Suddenly, my Mother was in the car with me and asked me to get a simpler hairstyle. That was it! Please tell me what this means.

Dear Amanda,
Thank you for forwarding your dream. I believe that when you dream of your lost loved ones you are receiving genuine guidance and support  this was beautifully represented in the movie The Sixth Sense, with Bruce Willis. Driving too fast indicates moving through your life too quickly, which can cause stress and anxiety. Your Mother is asking you to simplify your thinking, asked me to get a simpler hairstyle, and to slow down! How nice to be reassured that your Mother is watching over you and trying to offer helpful advice.