Car Dreams


Dreams are mysterious, fun, interesting and sometimes even scary. Where do they come from? Why are our dreams so strange and weird? What do they mean?

Car Dreams

By Jean Wiley

Cars represent how you are moving through life. They symbolize how quickly you are reaching your goals, how you are moving towards your objectives and if you or someone else is the primary motivator in your life.

Dear Jean,
I had a dream I was at my old school in the parking lot and my friend's mom was talking to me and she told me to go home. I got into my dad's old car, which was missing a door. When I was driving I felt very nervous because I do not drive yet. It made me feel very strange.

Dear Brenda,
Dreaming of an old school indicates there is an old lesson or circumstance that you are having to revisit (perhaps, not entirely of your own choice). Your mother's friend asking you to go home can represent your mother's desire to see you safe, sound and at peace with yourself, she want's you safe - emotionally and otherwise. Your father's old car symbolizes a tie with your Dad. Are your Mom and Dad still together? Your father's car symbolizes something that is not in tact; it is neither effective nor comfortable for you. His car is substandard which represents that your relationship with him is not a high functioning one? His understanding of your and your situation may outdated. You're fear of driving can represent your insecurity in relation to your father.

Overall, I have the feeling that your mother is worried about you and it has something to do with your father. You are uncomfortable in your relationship with him or memory of him.

Wishing you peace and safety.
Jean Wiley

Dear Jean,
I had a dream when I was eleven years old that my brother and I had been kidnapped. This strange man took us from our rooms. He had brown hair, mustache and a goatee.

He looked a little like my father (I do not know where my father was at the time, he had left our family when I was two years old). In this man's car I remember going over a bridge. My brother and I were kicking the backs of the seats and screamed "Let us go!" The man threw my brother out of the car, slapped me and cut off one of my legs.


Dear Bianca,
Dreaming of being kidnapped may represent a situation that was not of your making. Perhaps there was a new man in your mother's life when you were eleven? The fact that he resembled your father can speak to your inner need of desiring a father figure. Yet, your dream indicates that this man took you against your will in his car. This man was in control of your life because it was his car (his will and desires) and not yours. Travelling over a bridge indicates that there was a definite change and transition for you at this time, again, a change that was not a happy one for you or your brother. When a leg gets cut off that symbolizes the loss of effective forward motion. This time period in your life was immobilizing, an unpleasant development and a change that was not pleasant.

I hope that your life is happier and more fulfilling for you.

Jean Wiley


Dear jean,

Dear jean,
I had this dream where my family was at the night market in Thailand and my father got knocked down by a car. Then he died,next my mum did and she died.i was left there alone where I was also knocked down and died I'm scared and confused....