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Hi. I've tried  tampons twice and when I would try to put it in I would get really scared and have trouble breathing. and kinda get like a panick attack maybe.Same when it's time to take it out. I'm not sure if this is tampon anxiety or something.

 Just wondering if u can tell me what this is?... Kasandra

Dear Kasandra:

Thanks for your question! I've done some research about tampon anxiety, and found out that it is a very real problem for some girls. For starters, I want you to realize that using tampons is not required -- you can use pads and be completely fine. But, if you swim or go to the beach during your period, you may want to try to use tampons. I suggest starting with the smallest tampons you can find. Some brands sell a "junior" or "slim" tampon. You can try different brands of tampons, and different types of applicators such as the plastic or cardboard to see which one you prefer. Read the instructions that come in the box. It will help you to understand how the tampon fits into your body, how to insert it, and what to expect when it is in your vagina, and then you can practice putting them in and taking them out until you feel comfortable with the process. One of the most important things to do is relax while you are putting in a tampon. This can be hard! Take some deep belly breaths and try to concentrate on relaxing the muscles in your vagina. Remember -- if you don't get it right the first time, you can try again later. Good luck. 
Ms. KnowBody


Dear Ms. KnowBody:
Have you ever heard of a girl getting a tampon lost inside her? This recently happened to me and I was wondering if it was a rare thing to happen? Also, if I should see a doctor about it?
From Crystal

Dear Crystal:
Good news! You can’t lose a tampon inside your body. A tampon fits in the vagina. At the top of the vagina is your cervix – a tiny opening that leads to your uterus. The cervix is no bigger than a pencil point, so it’s way too small for a tampon to get through.

So, you can’t lose the tampon anywhere in your body, but you can forget to take it out, especially if it gets pushed far up into the vagina. This is why tampons are made with a string that hangs outside your labia so that you can easily remove it after 4-6 hours.

You need to change tampons regularly (about every 4-6 hours.) There are two good reasons for this: (1) If a tampon gets full of blood then it will leak on your underwear and pants, and (2) When a tampon is left in your body for too long you could be at risk for getting a rare disease called Toxic Shock Syndrome, which causes high fever, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and a painless red rash.

If your tampon gets pushed up high into your vagina, or you can’t find the string, then you need wash your hands, and while you are standing with your legs apart, reach inside your vagina, and bear down as if you are pushing out a hard bowel movement. This should put the tampon into reach and allow you to grab it. If you know that there’s a tampon in your body, and you still can’t reach it, then you’ll need to call you health care provider to schedule a time when he or she can remove the tampon.

Keep yourself healthy,
Ms. KnowBody


Megan wants to know about using tampons for the first time...

Dear Miss KnowBODY: Hi, my name is Megan. I haven't started my period, but I want to try to insert a tampon. Is it safe to use a tampon if you are not getting your period? Also, I read that if you want to practice you should use a water-based gel. Where can I find a water-based gel?

Dear Megan: Sure, you can practice inserting a tampon before you start menstruating, but don't forget to remove it!

Just so you know, tampons are inserted into the vagina to collect blood when you are menstruating. During your period the vagina is naturally lubricated, making it easy to insert a tampon. If you try to insert a tampon into your vagina when you are not bleeding, you may need extra lubrication. Coating the tip of a tampon with water-based gel like KY Jelly (found at most pharmacies) can help make insertion easier.

Megan -- I completely understand why you are curious about tampons. But, try to be patient because you will soon learn that they are expensive (about $4-$5 per box of 20), and you'll be using tampons or pads from the time you get your first period until menopause (around age 40-55).

Healthy regards,
Miss KnowBODY



Dear Miss KnowBODY,
I started my period at a very young age, and I'm used to wearing pads. I don't mind wearing pads on my period, but during the summer i hate them. I'd rather wear a tampon. My mom says tampons aren't for me, but then again I have worn them before, they weren't that comfy but I could do more in them. When I'm at my sisters house I can wear tampons because she has the same problems with pads as I do. When I wear a pad, I feel like I'm wearing a diaper and I refuse to be in public. I still don't understand why I'm told I'm not ABLE to use them?
Please Help,


Hey my name is Alyssa. Recently, I got Tampax active regulars and lights but I can't get them in because, I get scared and I have a septate hymen(extra tissue, you can google it.) I really want to wear them for swimming and sports, I really really want to but I can't figure out if I really can or not. Do you know what I should do? I've tried water as a lubricant and i got it in a little but I'm so tight and with a septate hymen it's difficult. Please help me.