Different Breast Sizes


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Different Breast Sizes

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Dear Ms. KnowBody,
I am really embarrassed about this problem. One of my breasts is bigger than the other one. Is there something wrong with me?

Ms. KnowBody says, "You're normal..."

Dear LaToya,
Believe it or not, I get this question from Girl Zone readers at least once a week.

Your body is totally normal, and you are not alone in your unevenness! In fact, almost half of all women's breasts are slightly different sizes. One thing to keep in mind is that your breasts will continue to change throughout your life. The good news is that most girls find their breasts more or less even out by the time they turn twenty.

Breast development, as you already know, begins during puberty. Female breasts are designed to feed babies. So, throughout adolescence, your body is developing the machinery to produce milk. Your breasts grow larger because of an increase in fat tissue and milk ducts.

When and how big your breasts grow depend on many factors, above all heredity. Talk with your mother, grandmothers or sisters to get a better sense of what is normal breast development for the women in your family.

Healthy regards,

Ms. KnowBody


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