Falling Dreams


Dreams are mysterious, fun, interesting and sometimes even scary. Where do they come from? Why are our dreams so strange and weird? What do they mean?

Falling Dreams

falling down dream - Girl Zone

By Jean Wiley

Falling represents the fear of losing control. Whenever you have falling dreams it reflects something in your life that you feel is "happening to you" and that you are powerless to control the outcome.

Dear Jean,
I have had this dream many times. I have this dream that I have fallen off a cliff and I see myself falling. When I hit bottom I am then at the top of the cliff looking down at my body. Someone then appears and says it's for the best and they ask me to come with them and everything will be all right. For some reason I refuse to go with her. This dream makes me feel very, very frightened.

Dear Desiree,
You probably have this reoccurring dream when you are feeling helpless. There are some situations in life that is beyond a person's control and that can be frightening. There is a part of you that is trying to reassure and confirm that there are certain things that "are for the best" and to accept that and move on.

I believe that the inner and intuitive part of yourself is asking you to not be afraid but to accept the situation and to learn to accept that which you cannot control.
My best,
Jean Wiley

Dear Jean,
I am thirteen and have been having the same dream since I was about eight or nine years old. In my dream I fall into a pool because I am trying to save a little girls life. Then the pool turns into an ocean, and continues to swirl into a big black hole. I am struggling with some sad memories and feel like I am drowning. Meanwhile, people and large animals are watching me drown. I almost drowned when I was little do you think that has anything to do with my dream?
Cassandra. B.

Dear Cassandra,
Thank you for forwarding your dream. There was something that happened when you were 8 or 9 years old that is causing you sadness - I am very sorry for that. Falling into water and feeling pulled in a black hole indicates that there are strong and sad feelings you are experiencing. I think that sometimes you feel like you will be overwhelmed by your own feelings. Your dream can also be reflecting the fear you felt as a smaller girl and almost drowning. Do you have someone trustworthy and reliable that you can talk to about your feelings? I feel that would be very helpful for you.

You also mention that people and animals in your dream are watching you drown. Are you feeling like no one really cares for you and they are just concerned with themselves? Again, I truly wish for you to have a trustworthy person to share your feelings with.
My very best,
Jean Wiley



Dear Jean,
I keep having these dreams where I find secret doors everywhere.
In school, hospitals, my house.
And when I try to go inside the secret rooms I can't.
What does this mean?


Dear Jean,
A couple weeks ago I had this really, really strange dream. I was in a room with my youth pastor and a few other people (I don't remember who they were). We had some kind of food, like, a loaf of bread or something and we were taking pieces off of it and feeding the pieces to various animals that were in this room. Then, we walked over to this piece of pizza that was sitting on a plate. We took a piece of food and held it up to the piece of pizza, and the piece of pizza opened its mouth (it actually opened a "mouth") and ate the food and swallowed it. I have no clue what this means, and I was hoping you could tell me.

Kissing Dream

Dear Jean,
I had this dream where I kissed this guy from my primary school. I remember being in a car. I've never had a crush on him but I do think he's good looking. Just I don't have a crush on him. Then I had this other dream the night after where I kissed my crush and we were dancing outside, near this random beach. I don't know what this means and is there a link between the two?
Thank You