Comic Book Hero: Explaining Epilepsy and Striking Down Stigmas


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Comic Book Hero: Explaining Epilepsy and Striking Down Stigmas

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Ever wanted to be a comic book star? With re-installments like Agent Carter, the Avengers, X-Men and The Flash, its easy to dream about fighting villains in the name of justice and equality.

With the help of MediKidz, Megan M. became her own superhero as the star of the latest “Explaining Epilepsy” series. By describing her own journey with epilepsy, Megan provides a dialogue that teaches her peers about the condition and relates to other teens with epilepsy.

In her series, Megan invites MediKid Axon to join her for a cup of hot cocoa while discussing when she was first diagnosed two years ago, how she navigates high school and friendships, stays positive and strongly believes in outreach and support.

Medikidz is a comic book series sponsored by Eisai, a pharmaceutical company that specializes in epilepsy care and awareness. Megan, who was introduced to the Medikidz comic books through a support group, was excited for the chance to share her story.

 “I loved the whole idea behind getting kids interested in learning more about epilepsy,” Megan said. “So when I was informed about the contest, it was a no brainer whether or not I would enter. I entered right then and there. The inspiration came from me just wanting to take every chance to get my story out there for the world to see.”

Megan’s outreach began before her Medikidz series. As described in the comic, Megan found her passion in sharing her story with other teens through her YouTube video blog and Instagram accounts.

While Megan’s social media presence and comic book series provides support for teens like herself, Megan wishes her story could also help knock down stigmas associated with teens suffering from epilepsy.

“I hope that just by people hearing about my story will help people understand that I'm just a normal person with goals, dreams and feelings just like them,” Megan said.

“I think that once people realize that people with epilepsy aren't so different, that their awareness and education will increase and stigmas and stereotypes will decrease, and those are my dreams for the future of the world.”

Megan’s comic book series is a great weapon against the villainous stigmas associated with epilepsy. According to a national survey provided by Eisai, 95 percent of people affected by epilepsy believe the general public is unaware as to how many people suffer from epilepsy, and 85 percent believe there is a stigma associated with epilepsy.

These statistics don’t provide the most comforting environment for epileptic teens, but with the help of Megan’s story and the Medikidz comics, Megan hopes teens will feel inspired to share their own experience and help educate the nation.

“Telling others about their condition is the same as educating them, which is what we really need,” Megan said. “People who don't tell others about their epilepsy is one main reason why it is so unknown, because people don't speak up and use their experience to educate others. I really hope that teens will also take a stand against the stereotypes and stigmas and stand up to those who keep spreading them around.”

According to pediatric neurologist Dr. James D. Wheless, about 15,000 to 25,000 teens suffer from epilepsy nationwide. As a peer reviewer of this Medikidz series, Wheless also believes this series is a great tool for reaching children and teens who suffer from epilepsy, as well as providing them with information on how to better care for their condition.

“The better they are educated, and can educate their peers about epilepsy, the better their quality of life will be,” Wheless said. “Their knowledge, and providing appropriate information to their peers will help advance a proper understanding of epilepsy, eliminate the stigma associated with this disease, and help them lead a normal life.”

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