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By Mareesa Miles

As graduation season continues, so does the World’s Biggest Graduation Celebration!  This epic event is hosted by the Communities In Schools program, which aims at having more students graduate high school. Want to join the celebration? Just hashtag #classofchange to your graduation pics on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. 

CIS’ Change the Picture Campaign shares stories from students who overcame educational difficulties and managed to graduate in spite of such roadblocks. This May and June the program is asking graduates, their families and teachers to share photos and videos of their own graduations and join the procession and take part in “changing the picture of education in America.”

The CIS program is the most effective dropout reduction program in the US today and serves approximately 1.3 million students every year in 26 states. Pretty amazing! High school graduation is not only essential to landing your dream job, but did you know it can add 5 years to your lifespan and a 40% increase in lifetime earnings? CIS knows that all students deserve an equal chance at graduating and so they work from inside school systems to make the dream of graduation a reality for students with even the highest risk for dropouts. By working with families, towns, and school systems, they are able to truly change the face of education from one to many.

So following your own graduation don’t just post the photo for your singular pleasure, tag it #classofchange and take part in the national graduation ceremony. Every student that graduates is essential to the educational change and deserves the full celebration. Make your face one of the many to represent education in America.

GirlZone wants to celebrate the graduation of our girls, as well! Share your smile and success on twitter, Instagram and facebook. 

Want to see more? Check out CIS' video and site.

Congrats to all the graduates!!