Cents & Sensibility

Cents & Sensibility

Would a high paying job buy YOU happiness?

By Maggie Guseman

Looking at some of the stressed people out there makes you wonder if having a job is really worth it. Extra hours, extra work, less time, more worry - what exactly is the point of work, anyway? Sure, there's the whole food, clothing, shelter argument, but beyond that, what is the purpose of having a job?

Some people work for the money. They may or may not like the type of work they do, but they earn money because it enables them to enjoy their off time more. Some even work like crazy so they can retire early and finally have a work-free life.

Others work for the love of it. These are the types who seem pretty happy with where they are and what they're doing - even if it doesn't make them rich and famous. They often take on the most under appreciated and challenging jobs because they get something money can't always buy - satisfaction.

Are you looking for a Labor of Love? Do you wish there were more Checks and Balances in your life? Or are your eyes filled with a Dollar Daze? Take our quiz on the next page and find out!

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