Boat Dreams


Dreams are mysterious, fun, interesting and sometimes even scary. Where do they come from? Why are our dreams so strange and weird? What do they mean?

Boat Dreams

comitti boat - Girl Zone

By Jean Wiley

Dreaming of boats often indicate a situation in which you are being transported emotionally from one situation to another. Boats float above the emotional undercurrents of water so there is a sense of detachment and a desire to not get involved..

Dear Jean,
I have been having a dream about me being in a boat in the middle of a war. I jump off the boat into the water and I am able to breathe, but all of these arrows are being shot at me. What does this mean?

Dear Cam,
It sounds like a situation in which you were trying not be become involved. Staying in the boat "above" the emotional waves of the water and hence the emotions swirling below you. Yet, you found (either through force or your personal need) that you "needed" to get involved. Vocalizing your feelings and expressing your opinion within this situation (ability to breathe) also opened you up to attack (slings and arrows). Would it have been better to stay in the boat? Perhaps, but your dream indicates that you had a need or were forced to speak and get involved. When you present your side of things or speak your "truth", others can sometimes respond in a forceful and hurtful manner.
Wish you Right Relations,
Jean Wiley

Dear Jean,
When I was little I had a dream that me and (what appeared to be a number of my current best friends) some friends were in a boat. At one point we had lost a paddle and there were sharks in the water. A couple of people dove in an attempt to get the paddle. Can you tell me what this means? It causes me worry!

Dear Courtney,
In your dream the boat was offering protection from the sharks. This symbol can represent the idea of "safety in numbers" from emotionally unpleasant people i.e. "sharks" in the water. Paddling in a boat indicates a desire to "steer clear" and stay away from the objectionable and disagreeable people surrounding you and your friends. Losing a paddle indicates a lapse from a couple of your friends - i.e. they swallowed the bait, lost their resolve and got involved in the unpleasantness.
Stay in the boat and conduct yourself in a manner that is above reproach.
Jean Wiley