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Beauty Hair Apps - Girl Zone

By Taylor Gerard

Girl days are definitely needed. It’s important to relax and treat yourself from time to time.  Getting a facial or your nails done can take your mind off of anything! However, a spa day can be expensive.’s a solution that can solve the problem. A 19-year-old French entrepreneur named Marion has created a set of 4 beauty-targeted apps, called Mademoiselle.B. The Mademoiselle.B apps give you fun, easy to follow and helpful beauty tips that are all handmade and made to do at home. The apps range from making bracelets, to new hairstyles, to unique manicures, and to homemade masks. If you’re ever feeling crafty and need some girl time, check out these 4 apps:

1. Mademoiselle.B: Bracelet App
The Mademoiselle.B Bracelet app gives you step by step video guides that will help you create laid-back yet girly bracelets. There are 4 super cool bracelet options that are all extremely unique and easy to make. This is the perfect activity for a sleepover with your friends or for a lazy afternoon. Try out the “Tibetan bracelet” or the “surfer bracelet.”

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