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Girl Zone - graduation

By Taylor Gerard

Graduation gifts can be hard. How are you supposed to give a gift that represents such a mile-stone in a person’s life? Do you go all out with the expensive gift or get the smaller but more meaningful one? Here are some options that range from wildly extravagant, small, funny and personal.

1. The Car
If you want to go for the more expensive gift but definitely practical and worth it, get your high school graduate a car. Whether it’s their first car or a new car, the graduate is bound to be jump-ing up and down with happiness. Most likely, the person you are buying the car for will be mov-ing away for college. Getting a car will not only make their college life much easier, but also give them no excuse to not return home for those long weekends and holiday breaks. Your graduate will for sure be envied by all of their friends. Getting a car is a huge statement gift but will not go unappreciated.

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