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I’ve been feeling really low about myself lately and i’m embarassed to say why because everyone else says its so stupid and stuff. All of my friends are being asked out and guys notice them and like to hang out with them.  No guys ever act like that with me (and it doesn't help that a guy totally dissed me when i asked him out) I know i’m not ugly and am told often enough i’m rather attractive but still.  I honestly think it’s my personality because i’m a rather large nerd, i enjoy anime and Avengers and BBC shows, but i am not obsessed.  I feel like people find out i like this stuff and label me a fangirl and i am not.  But i don't want to hide this stuff from my life and i want a guy to like me for who i am but i think its impossible if no one bothers to try and know me.  How can i attract people?
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