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Hello, thanks for your support, I started to write since I saw your blog and it helped me a lot. I would like to ask about something, well, just like any teenager, I had a dream n goal, I wanted to be an actress in Korea. I'm excellent in acting n all my friends recommended I join a drama college..but my life obstacles stopped me ...Since I live in Africa, in Morocco. And there's no acting departments in my country, so I couldn't start my dream. However, I'm currently studying English at university.  But my goal is to be an actress. I wanted to find a teaching job in korea, then if I got a working visa it'll be easy for me to join acting classes there..why I wanted Korea cause after researching..it appeared that its fairly possible to find acting jobs compared to other countries. ..I know im dreaming a lot n my environment kills me. I think everyday about my current self n possibilities of achieveing my goal.

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