Are you Clockwise?

Are you Clockwise?

Find out if you're in clock shock...

By Maggie GusmanA person can do a lot with time. You can be in time, on time, or out of time. You can get paid with overtime and get in trouble for under time. You can have me time, free time or busy time, and if you've been bad, you get a time out.

Time changes us. It changes our actions and our decisions every day, but we can't change time. We can't make more of it when we see our friends between classes, and we can't take it away when we're waiting in line.

If a girl works against the clock and never learns to work with it, she's in for a big case of clock shock. So how do you spend your Time? Do you beat the clock, or does it beat you?

Take the quiz to see if you rock the clock.

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