App Review - BTS Productivity


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App Review - BTS Productivity

By Sudra Sruthi

It’s that time of year when we all have to go back to school. We look forward to making some good memories, but also worry about the stressful times ahead. Fear not with following 5 apps your back to school experience will get better. Designed to make our day-to-day life easier here are the top apps picks to ease you back into a new school term:


NeuroNation on Google play and iTunes: Brain training is rapidly becoming a global trend because many studies have shown such work helps us perform better academically.



    Posterlabs on iTunes: This app is interesting because it helps make posters out of the pictures we upload. The app is also unique because it glamorizes our pictures and captures the essence.



    WellnessFX on iTunes: This app supports you to lead an all rounded life. It helps you build and track a personalized health plan and even helps you monitor mineral and vitamin totals!



    Timeful on iTunes:Time management at it’s finest. Plan your day and schedule to make time for everything that needs your attention.


    Khan Academy on Google play and iTunes: Confused with something you learned in school or you just want to learn something then this is an app for you. Khan academy is a collection of videos that ranges from SAT training videos to chemistry 101.