To All My Pretties


Hi I am Erica, welcome to my blog that I hope inspires you! It will touch on friendships, ways to be happier and help you strive for a healthy physical, emotional and social balance in your life.

To All My Pretties

Happy Valentine's Day! <3

And Puhleeze don't get a scowl on your face, single ladies, because you despise V-day and all the romantic, in your face reminders that you don't have a boy toy to squeeze tight. I even had one of my 5th grade students tell me she used to like Valentine's Day, but now she feels lonely...Say Whaaat?! You're in 5th grade.

I get it. I've been there. I was that girl that was depressed on this holiday that seemed to throw it in my face that I was alone. But you know what?! I may not have appreciated it then, but looking back, I had some pretty stellar V-days as a single gal! I was actually just reminiscing...

In high school, all my single friends and I went to my house-we ordered pizza, watched Carrie (LOL) and just had a great time laughing and enjoying each others company. So, grab your other single "galentines" and go do something fun.

In college, when I was single after my jerk ex broke up with me right before V-Day, I hung out with my single guy friends that lived next door. I always had a blast with them. See what your unattached guys friends are up to...Boys get lonely, too.

After I graduated and moved to Chicago with 3 roommates, we all went out for a night on the town. We had dinner at my fave restaurant, joked around and hit on the waiter, and overall had an awesome night.

Tomorrow, I am happy to say I will be cooking dinner & going to a movie with my honey, the man I hope to marry one day soon. It's been a long road to this point, but I wouldn't take back any of those single girl nights. Enjoy the moment you're in.  

PS Don't forget to show all the loves of your life you care-your BFFS, mom, grandma...

Much Love xo,