Advice For High School


Hi! My name is Julia Schemmer - I am sixteen participate in several clubs as well as volunteer actively four days a week. I consider myself a "Surplus Striver" because everyday I am learning more and more about what it takes to have excellence in every area of my life. Follow my blog for insights into my daily life, my journey into surplus, and my preparation to become an international human rights lawyer in India and the Middle East.

Advice For High School

5 Pieces of Advice That Will Revolutionize Your High School Career

By Julia Schemmer

High school is full of crucial decisions. Where will you attend after high school? What career will you pursue? From the time we awake to the time we go to sleep, we face millions of decisions, from what to eat for breakfast to who to hang out with. With all of these crucial decisions, wouldn’t it be nice to have some quality advice? Read below to see five pieces of advice that will greatly impact your perspective!

“Never adjust your expectations downward to compensate for your peers’ lack of success.” –Jonathan Sprinkles

Jonathan Sprinkles knows what he’s talking about when he said this quote. High school brings a variety of different people, and to be honest, some people will be less motivated than you. They will try to belittle your dreams, and convince you otherwise of your goals; but stand firm! If you have a dream that you see worthy enough to pursue, don’t give up on it! Stand strong against the people who don’t have ambition, goals, or an overwhelming sense of purpose.

“Why fit in, when you were born to fit out?” –Elaine C. Pouliot

During your four years of high school, there will be inevitable pressure to fit into a mold. However, why be the same? You were created with a unique purpose and personality, so it would be useless to abandon it. What makes you ‘weird’ is the very thing that separates you from the six billion other inhabitants on the planet.  Own your worth buy never forgetting who you are!

“Work hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself.” –Annoymous





Do not slack off in high school. Yes, granted, there is redemption available if you have, but trust me, working hard will pay off in the end. Study for your tests and quizzes. Aim for excellence.  Change the reputation of teenagers. It’s going to take hard work, sacrifice, intentional effort, and all the strength you can muster, but believe me: it will be worth it. If you don’t work to make your dreams come to life, someone out there will pay you to make theirs happen instead.

“To believe in something and not to live it, is dishonest. “ –Gandi 

Are you passionate about something? When you see injustice occur, does something hurt your inmost soul? Stand up for something, or you will fall for anything.  Find out what you believe in, and stand firm for these beliefs.

“When life gets tough, I like to hang on to my dreams.” –Olaf

Who doesn’t love Olaf? He may be a snowman, but his smile is as warm as the summer days he dreams of. Olaf has an interesting situation. He longs for it to be summertime, yet as a snowman, this dream is nearly impossible because he will melt. Yet, no matter how much the odds are against him, he never loses hope. When life gets tough, don’t forget that in you lies the chance to change the world. That’s something worth smiling about. :)