50 Fab Things to Do


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50 Fab Things to Do

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By Lauren Delaney

With Spring here everyone gets excited with the new activities that are almost within our grasp – BBQ’s, beach visits, or a picnic in the park get us excited about being outdoors again. Although this anticipation is great, it’s important to remember that we can embrace new things to do any time of year. Most do not really cost much money, but only take a little imagination. So break out of the day to day rut and branch out of your typical routine!

  1. Stretch – Even a few quick moves in the morning, throughout the day or before bedtime will make you feel less stiff and increase your flexibility.
  2. Play dates – No one’s too old to make plans to play with a friend. Call a friend on the phone for a quick chat or meet for coffee.
  3. Take a class – Cooking, French Class, or whatever you fancy. You will learn and meet new people at the same time. Win-win.
  4. Day trip – Pick a place to visit within driving distance and make plans to enjoy a mini-vacation day. Unplug, relax and forget about the laundry or dishes at home. Doesn’t it all always get done?
  5. Make an appointment – Fun, not exactly, but we all get behind in our doctor’s visits. Get a check-up and cross one of your to-do’s off your list. Your health will thank you.
  6. Read – Try a new book you would never normally read. If fiction is normally your thing then maybe switch it up with a memoir or true life story.
  7. Get more sleep – We all need it but few of us make it a priority. Turn off the TV and your computer and get some more valuable zzz’s.
  8. Clean out your closet – You know what they say if you haven’t worn something in a year – toss it! Get the black garbage bags out and make plans to donate your clothes to a worthy cause, throw out anything too worn or take valuable items to a consignment shop.
  9. New recipes – Making the same meals repeatedly is easy but gets boring pretty fast. Browse online for something that strikes you with simple ingredients. No one likes to be overwhelmed with ingredients they cannot pronounce or find at the food store.
  10. Donate to a local animal shelter – Whether or not you have animals at home, it’s simple to pick up a few cans of cat or dog food to drop off. The donation is always appreciated.
  11. Look up an old friend – Forget Facebook! Call a friend or class mate you have not seen in a while and catch up the old fashioned way.
  12. Smile – It just always helps. Some say it confuses the enemy too.
  13. See a movie in the theatre – Yes, they are a little more costly than it used to be. Nothing really beats watching a movie unfold in a silent theater of avid watchers. No cell phones allowed and no distractions. Save a little cash by sneaking in your own popcorn or snack of your choice.
  14. Make a to-do list – Nothing helps more than writing it all down and tackling one chore at a time. Plus it feels great to cross it off. Done!
  15. Wear color – We all slip into the habit of wearing the same black pants or sweater. Bust out some color. No matter what time of year it will help lift your spirits.
  16. Take pictures – Don’t worry about your lipstick or if your hair was perfectly straight that day. Just capture the moment.
  17. Be kind to everyone – All the people around you are fighting a battle of some kind…what goes around comes around.
  18. Play dress up – Organize your jewelry and accessories so you know what you have. Display it at eye level for easy access and mix it up. It’s like a new outfit.
  19. Meditate – Even if it’s only for a few minutes a day. Find a quiet space, turn off the lights and just breathe.
  20. Manicure/Pedicure – Whether it’s at the salon or simply at home it makes us all feel good. Pick a fun color and hop to it!
  21. Exercise – It doesn’t have to be crazy but find something that you enjoy and try to get after it a few times a week. Dance, jump rope, hula hoop or the gym. It’s all good!
  22. Find a new hobby – Knit, collect cards or make jewelry. The sky is the limit!
  23. Dance – They always say to dance like no one is watching. Try it for yourself.
  24. Eat an apple a day – Well, not literally, but we all know we feel better when we eat better. Treat your body kindly.
  25. Send cards – For holidays or no reason at all – they are fun to buy and who doesn’t like getting a card in the mail?
  26. Fly a kite – Weather permitting, it’s exhilarating to see your kite take off into the sky.
  27. Bake a cake – Baking makes us all feel a little like we are celebrating an event. Try a new recipe or an old favorite that you usually only make for special occasions.
  28. Volunteer – It’s rewarding to give our time to help others. It reminds us of our blessings.
  29. Adopt a pet – A big undertaking, but so rewarding.
  30. Take a walk – Even if it is just around the block it always clears the mind.
  31. Paint with water colors – You don’t have to show talent, but practice does make perfect.
  32. Invite a friend to dinner – It’s always nice to invite people into your home to share a meal. Enjoy a conversation over some wine and your go-to recipe of choice.
  33. Join a book club – At the library, online or with a friend. It’s a great way to connect with other people and pick up a book you might not normally read.
  34. Plant a garden – A great activity in the spring, but even in cold weather you can plant a little indoor garden outside.
  35. Write a letter – Pick up some stationery and a stamp. This is as old fashioned as it gets these days.
  36. Enjoy a bath – Put aside a half hour and get serious about relaxing.
  37. Ride a bike –Even if it’s just around the corner, it makes you feel carefree.
  38. Give someone a compliment – Their gratitude will make you smile.
  39. Drink more water – Because who drinks enough?
  40. Play a board game – Scrabble? Monopoly? What’s your game of choice? Rather than turning to a predictable night of TV, bust out some games for a change of pace.
  41. Get a massage – A pricey one of course, but nothing is more relaxing than a massage. Research options through Living Social or Groupon where you can typically find some good deals.
  42. Decorate for the Season – It will help get you in the spirit whether you are in the mood or not.
  43. Light a candle – Scented candles are popular for a reason. They are well-priced at Home Goods.
  44. Save for a rainy day – Watching your pennies will just give you peace of mind. Emergencies happen.
  45. Make a latte – Whip up a delicious coffee drink at home with quality coffee and the milk and spices of your choosing. An Aeromate is an inexpensive way to create espresso quality foam.
  46. Take a daily vitamin – The research may differ on effective they are but a little extra immunity boost never hurt anyone.
  47. Rent a black and white movie – Well it doesn’t have to be, but choose one that’s a classic. It’ll give you a new appreciation for how much movies have changed.
  48. Adopt a positive attitude – It helps in every situation.
  49. Recycle – We all have to help the Earth as much as we can.
  50. Download new tunes – Everyone needs a few new songs to learn in the car.

So there you have it – a few simple things you can easily incorporate into your daily routine that are accessible and not too expensive. Enjoy!