5 Ways to Wear Your Converse


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5 Ways to Wear Your Converse

By Meggie Haneckow

Converse never go out of style. Sneakers can never go out of style. Ambitious and full of attitude, Converse shoes are globally renowned and have carved an unbeatable niche for themselves. Girls and guys, be they 9 or 99, love to flaunt their pair.

Most of us own at least one pair of Converse. Blue, red, green, polka-dotted, stripped or any other – but there is something about every pair that makes them absolutely adorable. Chuck Taylors can be cute, classy, funny, smart or sensuous depending on what you wear them with. While some people can easily pull them off with even skirts and dresses, others always struggle to get them right even with regular jeans and shirts. Here are a few ways to make them work with everyday outfits.




Demin Ultra-Short Shorts + Black Pattern Stockings + Crop T-Shirt + Converse = Super Cute

The above everyday outfit is one of the most popular. Minus the stockings, the get-up looks very sporty. However, with the stockings it looks very feminine. At times, you can add to the look by wearing some make-up and accessories.

Boho Dresses + Converse= Chic

A fun boho style dress when worn with a pair of gymshoes gives a totally relaxed and carefree look. You don’t have to look like a doll while wearing boho style clothing. It is more of a carefree attitude when you mix-and-match styles.

Pleated Formal Skirts + Converse= Smart

Try pleated or plaid skirts with a cute sweater top and a pair of Converse. Pick a pair of Converse that is ankle high. Put on a flat cap and wrap a cute scarf around your neck. Ready? Wait a minute. Where are your shades?

Slim fit Jeans or leather pants + Buttoned Shirts + Converse = Cool

This one is an ultra cool combination which can never go wrong. Almost everyone looks good in a pair of slim fit jeans worn with a buttoned shirt or tee and converse.

Boyfriend Jackets + Capris + Converse = Casual

Very summer-y and chic, this combination of clothes and Converse are for those who do not want to go overboard with style, yet want to look nice. Colorful capris, like the new floral trend, worn in contrast with mint or white shoes are a best bet styling up option for such people.

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