5 Things To Do This Winter


Hi I am Erica, welcome to my blog that I hope inspires you! It will touch on friendships, ways to be happier and help you strive for a healthy physical, emotional and social balance in your life.

5 Things To Do This Winter

Here a few ideas of things to inspire you this Winter.

Be a Snow Bunny. I know it's so warm and toasty in your house, but bundle up and get active. Go iceskating, snowboarding, skiing or have a snowball fight. If you are lucky enough to live in warm weather year round, you have no excuses. :) Get a great work out without it feeling like work! 

DIY. Even if you're not super crafty, I promise there are some fun and easy things you can make! Check out this pinterest page for some cute ideas.


Host a Favorite Things Party. Spice up your usual get together with the girls and ask each guest to pick their fav thing and bring enough to share with the group. Gift ideas might include their "must have" lip gloss, nail polish, sample size lotion or shampoo. Or bake your fav delish dessert to share. It's always fun to go home with some new favorites.

Forgive. Keep the holiday spirit going. Make ammends with that friend or family member who you have been fighting with. Grudges only end up hurting you, so go into the new year with an open heart.

Go sledding. I may still be a kid at heart because I don't think there is anything better than giggling down a hill at full speed on a sled or toboggan. Bonus points for hot cocoa afterwards.

How will you be spending your Holiday Break? I'd love to hear from you, leave me a comment!