10 Tips for a Fit Summer! (And Beyond…)


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10 Tips for a Fit Summer! (And Beyond…)

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It's summer!  The heat is setting in, the days are less structured, and it’s so much easier to sleep through your alarm than get up and get moving.

But no matter what Florence and the Machine says, the dog days are not over – and there’s still plenty of time to have your best, fittest summer yet! With that in mind, fitsmi brings you ten tips to stay fit and fabulous this summer…and beyond.

Make friends with the morning - I know, I know – it’s summer. After an entire year of waking up at the crack of dawn, it’s beyond tempting to sleep ‘till early afternoon. But an early-morning workout is good for two reasons: first, it lets you exercise outdoors while temperatures are cooler (letting you work out more safely and more effectively), and it lets you get your exercise routine out of the way early in the day. That gets you pumped to spend the rest of the day doing whatever you want! (Plus, who doesn’t want a couple extra hours in every day?)

Set concrete goals - It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: goal-setting is everything. Think about walking into school on the first day of class. How do you want to look? More importantly, how do you want to feel? Now, write down exactly how you plan to chase – and capture – that feeling. Maybe it’s shaving thirty seconds off of your mile time; maybe it’s just setting aside half an hour a day in your crazy schedule to work out or feeling strong and sexy in a new wardrobe. Whatever your goals are, write them down, stick them up in a place you’ll see it every day, and go forth to conquer the world!

Push outside your comfort zone - Summer = freedom. You get freedom from classes, from schedules, and from the daily grind of regular life. Best of all, you get the freedom to try anything! Use the liberation of summer to try fitness activities you’ve never dared before: a group zumba class, rock-climbing, kayaking, or even just jogging. Have fun with it! I say, with great freedom comes great joy – and awesome exercise.

Make fitness work for you - Is your summer vacation even more packed than the regular school year? Turn your daily activities into mini-workouts. Whether it’s dancing with your friends in the line at the food court, doing calf-raises while you brush your teeth in the morning, fund-raising in preparation for an awareness march, or just pulling your friends together for an impromptu seminar on how to wobble, you can turn your days into whirlwinds of activity, and opportunities for great fitness. (Just remember to chill out every once in a while. It is summer break!)

Get a little wet -  Is there anything better than running through the sprinklers on a hot summer afternoon? There’s a reason the pool is packed day after day – the water cools us down more than anything when temperatures spike. The summertime is perfect for trying a new water sport, having a water balloon fight with friends, or even taking time during the “adult swim” at the pool to do some laps. At the end of the summer, you’ll be amazed at your toned arms and legs.
As fabulous as fitness is, though, exercise is only half the battle! It’s equally as important to remember to feed your body fresh, healthy foods to keep the energy up and the bloating down. Luckily, summer is the perfect season for healthy eating!

Drop by the farmer’s market - Summertime is the prime season for fantastic produce. Fresh cucumbers, glowing tomatoes, crisp lettuce: the farmer’s market is bursting with delicious goodies at amazing prices. Check around your area to see if you live close to any outdoor farmer’s markets, and drop by one morning to pick up the best veggies you’ve ever tasted. You can even set yourself challenges like finding (and eating!) three different purple vegetables, or trying a new fruit every week.

Get into a groove - Let’s face it: we’re creatures of habit. As luxurious as it feels to wake up whenever we want during vacation, not having a routine can make you feel listless, irritable, and even sad. Try to wake up around the same time every morning to eat breakfast and start your day, and set a fitness routine that you can follow. Your body will thank you, and you’ll give yourself a lot more time to seize all the opportunities of summer.

Lighten up - It’s about a hundred degrees in the shade where I live – but I actually look forward to the heat, because it makes heavy, rich meals seem totally unappealing! You can use the sticky heat of summer to your advantage. Your body probably isn’t craving the same amount of food as you’re used to, so eat several smaller meals a day. If you fill them with refreshing foods and drinks, you’ll find that the summer heat can help you feel lighter and healthier – naturally!

Snack smart - Are you starving a few hours before you plan to work out? Then grab a snack with a good blend of carbs and protein, like a turkey sandwich or an English muffin with an egg. Do you only have a few minutes before you hit the gym? Your body would function better if you ate a snack that gives you a quick boost of energy without weighing you down, like an energy bar or a handful of pretzels.

Keep it going - Summer is fun, fabulous – and fast. But that doesn’t mean your great workout habits have to fade with the August heat waves. Use the summertime to get into a regimen of healthy eating and regular workouts; then continue it during the school year. You’ll be shocked at how amazing you feel after taking control of your health and fitness, and then staying strong as classes start back up. Here’s to summer!

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