10 Tips to Avoid Boredom Eating


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10 Tips to Avoid Boredom Eating

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By Katrina Schwarz

We’ve all been there.  Staring at the wall or tired for no reason. These are signs of boredom, not hunger. Try to remember that before you finish that bag of chips. No pressure. We know it’s hard to get out of the hamster wheel of bored -> eat ->bored. That’s why we created this list of 10 ways to avoid the vicious boredom eating cycle!

1)      Recognize that you’re eating because you’re bored:  The first step is admitting.  Ask yourself why you feel like eating.  Have you skipped a meal or not eaten enough?  If you answered yes, then maybe you are hungry!  If not, realize it’s your boredom talking, not your stomach.

2)      Have a list of activities or favorite hobbies on hand to fight boredom:  This should keep your mind and hands busy with something fun, not searching for a snack.

3)      Change up the scenery when you feel the boredom hunger coming on: The easiest way to do this is to take a walk.  It will keep your mind (and body) busy, and help to get rid of your boredom.

4)      Keep healthy food on hand and ditch the junk food:  Not having junk food around will help prevent you from eating just because it’s there. Plus, it will keep you from feeling guilty if you give in to your boredom hunger.

5)      Drink water: Dehydration can feel like hunger. Crazy, right?

6)      Chew gum: This will give you some flavor and keep your mouth from feeling bored.

7)      Plan your meals or snacks ahead of time:  This way, when you’re bored, you won’t have to think about what you’re going to eat next. Thinking about food may make you want to eat even though you’re not hungry.

8)      Put off eating until after you complete a task: If you’re craving something, do a short task first, like answer your emails or proofread an essay for school, before going to eat.  You may just notice your hunger disappear.

9)      Don’t eat directly from the source:  If you need to go through the work of getting a plate or bowl for your snack, you might just find you weren’t really hungry after all.

10)   Paint your nails:  Show off your toes!  Find something else to do that will counter your boredom.

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